Our Services

Baskerville Funerals provide all funeral and cemetery services. We can also assist in organising a funeral or memorial service and put you in touch with support groups providing comfort and encouragement in the time of bereavement. When we lose a loved one, we need people to listen, understand, and care. At Baskerville Funerals you will have the personal support of a professional director to ease the emotional and, for many people, overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. You will have direct access to your director at any time of the day to answer any questions you may have. The goal is always to be of assistance and help create a service that is a loving reflection of the life of the deceased.

One of the things that distinguish Baskerville Funerals from all other funeral directors is the way we demonstrate our commitment to the needs of the family. Their wellbeing and comfort is our top priority. For that reason we meet with the family members in their home rather than have them come to our office to make the required funeral arrangements.


Vehicles are a prominent aspect of a funeral service. At Baskerville Funeral we have both black and silver hearses.


Baskerville Funerals can supply a coffin to suit any type of funeral. Our coffins are quality assured, Australian made, traditional timber coffins, with a huge variety of styles and colours to choose from. Ask your director for our file of colour photographs to aid you in selecting the coffin that best suits your style and budget.


We offer a wide range of floral arrangements for the coffin/casket on the day of the funeral. We can also organise floral tributes for family members as well as flower displays for the service.


It is a common practice to return the body of a loved one to their country of birth. At Baskerville Funerals we can organise for a body to be prepared for travel to any part of the world.

Pre-Paid Funerals

Knowing that your passing could leave your loved ones with the emotional and financial stress of arranging and paying for your funeral may be disconcerting. At Baskerville Funerals we can advise how to eliminate these stresses with a pre-paid funeral.

We have pre-paid funeral packages to suit any budget. A pre-paid funeral also gives you the opportunity to arrange your own funeral exactly how you want it to be.

Call us on 9459 4011 to discuss a pre-paid funeral in the comfort of your own home.